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         Specialized Wealth and Tax Advisors, Inc.


Thriving or Surviving?

Moving ahead or Lagging Behind?


People Who Will Best Benefit


Who will best benefit by working with us?

People who are serious about:
-beginning to plan for their financial future
-who want to review and improve their financial situation
-taking the right steps for their investments

We have no minimum asset level. We will work with you even if you have no financial assets.

     Our company is focused on helping the people who work with us to improve their current and future financial circumstances.. This is where our experience, skill sets and resources are concentrated. Financial planning is a specialized, complex and vitally important, integrated process. We fully apply ourselves to those people who really want to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their family. 

    The services we offer are developed and directed toward serving the people who choose to work with us. That is why we think, talk, plan, do and review with you to build a custom plan for your personal circumstances. To us, there is only one plan: your plan.

    Our work centers around you. Your plan is not solely a financial plan. It is a plan built to help you create a better life. You are more than numbers on a page and colorful charts and graphs. You are the force, the catalyst which turns a plan into your plan.