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Specialized Wealth and Tax Advisors, Inc.

Helping Families create an Exceptional Life

How We Work

There are three sections to our work: financial planning, cash flow control and wealth management.

Financial Planning is the core of our work. The planning process and work product are developed and designed for you to fully understand your circumstances to enable you to make more targeted and informed decisions.

Development of our plan for you begins with Discovery. A general and less formal conversation of what you want to accomplish near-term and long-term, specific personal and business goals, family considerations and any special circumstances. The next step in our discovery process is collection of documents or the numbers part of the process. Here we ask for account statements, certain financial information, maybe tax returns. This information is reviewed and evaluated to give us starting point for plan development.

We begin with one section of the most importance. Implementation steps are developed for that single section. Once successfully underway, we move to the next most important section. This process continues.

In some cases, personal circumstances change. We adjust the priority of the sections as needed to accommodate the changed circumstances. Assets may need to be re-allocated as well. The plan is a guide. Your life evolves and changes over time as will the financial plan.  

At the end of the planning process, the goal is that you will be better informed, more confident in your financial decisions and in control of your financial future.

Wealth management occurs after the financial plan is complete. Evaluation of financial assets and resources let's us know the character, type, amount and purpose of existing assets. This helps us to know what is possible. 

The financial plan will determine the type, allocation, amount and purpose of the assets needed to move toward your desired goals and achievements. Then we can begin the wealth management process.


How We get paid.

Financial planning follows a structure to produce the end result: functioning and useful plan to guide our decisions. Every plan will review and evaluate all the plan sections. Not all sections will apply to each person. Those which do not apply are discarded. The remaining sections are selected for action by level of importance to you. 

Our planning fee structure is similar to the retainer fee model. The total price is due at the time of engagement. You have the option to elect to pay in monthly installments.  The initial payment would be  $1,125 at the time of engagement. The remainder is in 11 monthly planning billings at $170. This process will cover the planning for most people. There are some circumstances which require additional work to accommodate the more complex issues. The typical issues which bring complications to the planning process are relationships from prior marriages, estate and inheritance problems, multiple sources of income, open tax matters, insurance issues, multiple rental properties and multiple businesses. The additional pricing for these planning issues is normally at $189 an hour.

The wealth management fee is for the evaluation of existing assets, structuring and selection of the specific investment assets and for the monitoring of the portfolio. The total fee is generally of three parts: the advisor fee, platform fee and management fee.  The total fees will vary depending on the specific assets used, amount of the assets and the asset allocation. Generally, the total fee ranges from 1.35% to 1.60% annually on the total value of the assets.