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Paul R. Marsh

Financial Planner, Investment Advisor, Tax Advisor


   Over the years, I've talked with hundreds of people from ages 20 to 90+. They have been from all personal backgrounds, gender, income levels, professions, educational levels, nice or mean or any other attribute. The one point nearly all shared was feeling unprepared.  

   Being prepared means both emotionally and financially prepared. Most of the people were unprepared both emotionally and financially. Financial preparedness is a more straightforward initial evaluation. Account statements, policies, and other physical documents present the money part. The emotional part is just as essential but much less evidenced by documents. Most people do not take the time to ask the personal questions which must be answered.

   The level of unpreparedness ranges from being a little under funded in the 401K to having no financial assets. There are no easy solutions. The structuring and modeling of a plan must acknowledge and factor in personal preferences, beliefs, life styles, longevity, health issues and, perhaps, legacy. A properly structured plan can be modeled. Yet, without an emotional and personal commitment the plan will fail. Financial assets alone will not guarantee retirement plan success.

   The great lever of plan success or failure is Time. A deficient situation at age 40 or 50  still has many years to apply corrective actions. A deficient situation at age 75 has many fewer options and much less time. Still, in most cases the current circumstances can be improved.

   So, why work with me? I meet many people in many different situations. I have spoken at length with them about their financial circumstances and have provided advice on their taxes and investments. I am a licensed tax professional. I prepare personal and business tax returns. I am also a registered investment adviser. I know how to plan for both taxes and investments. 

   I want to help as many people as possible to be financially well planned. I can only help those people who take the personal initiative to contact me and work with me. My goal is for people to have a future as stable and secure as possible and to enjoy it for as long as they are able.

   It is your path. You do not have to approach this time in your life blindly or alone. I will walk with you.


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