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Surprise! You’ve Got Money! 18 Years Worth of Days Bridging the Confidence Gap Tuning Your Social Security Benefit


 Keeping up with life is sometimes a challenge. School, work, children, in-laws, vacations, and all the other events in our lives can derail the best made intentions. There is always something more urgent than the important task we wanted to finish.

 It is the little nagging feeling that something is not quite right. That something is missing. Some event occurred which brought the financial situation to mind. Looking around for a way to handle the situation reveals that the resources you thought would be there are not. Now, there are additional problems. How did this happen?  Life got in the way of the plans. 

 There is another reason so many people find themselves financially unprepared for the bumps life gives us. Lack of knowledge and what actions to take prevent people from doing anything. Rather than do something wrong many people do nothing. Pushing the critical decisions further into the future.

 Continually pushing decisions into the future is a choice for nearly certain financial ruin. At some point, the neglected financial situation reaches the point of no return where there is no remedy for the situation. 

  Fortunately, in most instances there are measures we can take to get the financial train back on the track. There is usually something we can do to mitigate the situation and begin to build resources.  

       WHAT DO I DO NOW?

 Make a decision not to delay another day. These decisions, actions and results affect more than just you. There is a spouse, children, parents, a business, colleagues, pets and other people who depend on you. 

 Don't worry that maybe the time is too late or even too early. Don't let the lack of current financial resources stop you. Developing financial resources is one of the purposes of a financial plan. If you don't have the knowledge, we will teach you. If you don't know what to do, we are here to help guide the way.

 We will help you answer that important question.

 The decision is up to you. Start. Begin. Take a step. Call. Send an email.

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